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DTF True Carbon Fiber™

Bagger (09-20) Rear Fender

At less than 3 pounds, this rear fender is light and beautiful

Part: CB-RFN-SM-221
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11 lb. - 3 oz.
5.08 kg
1 lb. - 10 oz.
739 g
9 lb - 9.12 oz
4.341 kg
DTF True Carbon Fiber rear fenders are made from pure pre-preg carbon fiber providing the lightest, strongest front fairing on the market. The part does not have any fiberglass, which is cheaper but adds weight. There are no clear coats to fog or peel.

Finish: Gloss
2009-2020 Baggers
This product ships undrilled with witness marks for the OEM holes, as shown in the product images.

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