Why Choose DTF Performance

All of our parts and components are proudly made in the USA. 

Our carbon fiber components which are produced from pre-preg carbon fiber materials and processed in an Autoclave with vacuum and heat. This process allows us to have more control and produce a much stronger and lighter component. The more common and less expensive wet lay up process, which requires the use of heavier products and clear coats, results in a much heavier and inferior part. 

If you are considering purchasing carbon fiber components for your performance bike I suggest you ask a few question like, “Is it 100% carbon fiber or is it fiberglass with a carbon fiber overlay?” This is common manufacturing practice adopted by some manufacturers, they charge for a full carbon part. Don’t be fooled by the imposters. 

TRUE carbon fiber is an expensive product with a labor intensive process. As part of our process and attention to the details, we also use a material and process that protects from the harsh UV sunlight. Unlike other carbon some of the other products out there, our parts require no waxing, buffing or special maintenance. You can expect no clear coat fading or peeling because we don’t use a clear coat in our process. Nor will you see air bubbles in the corners of part that pop up later on. 

All of our Titanium hardware and components are made from American made AMS Titanium bar – not offshore or commercial grade Titanium.

DTF products deliver pure performance - not flashy looks that fade with time.